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Here is where I publish my chiptune music. Done mostly with lmms, and soundfonts

Primarily using MIDIs from the Geocites midi archive you can find that here


First one in a while

This is the Rainbow Road Theme from Mario Kart 64, done in a Sega Mega Drive Soundfont. This was done as a ringtone in 2019. I didn't use lmms at the time instead using a hex editor and fluidsynth on the commandline.


DS9 The Requiem

What if the Federation had lost the Dominion War. This is the DS9 theme slowed down, and with minimal orchestration. It's something I'd imagine those who grieve would play. For all the Saints who didn't get to see paradise on earth.


Voyager Fairy Tale Wedding

After the DS9 sad theme i needed to do something upbeat and happy. Mom Sugguested a Wedding March and the Voyager Theme fit perfectly.


What if Darth Vader were a 90s kid?

The Imperial March done with a bunch of retro consoles, and computers. Done because i needed to figure out how LMMS worked


The SNES is Never Gonna Give you up

vantablack dared me to do it


Alla Famicom

Just my favorite piece of classical music G.F Handel's Alla Hornpipe in D (from Water Music). Done on a NES. Once again using hex editor and fludsynth


What Might have been

I was looking for a midi of the TNG theme. Didn't find it. Found this instead. Liked it decided to chiptune it